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Welcome to a world shrouded in darkness only the power of a pure heart can save the realms from total destruction
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 Riku's App

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PostSubject: Riku's App   Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:17 pm




sexual preference:straight

Nicknames: (only if you have one)

Keyblade name: the way to dawn

Keyblades origin:I got this keyblade when i returned to my true form at the final confrontation with the leader of organization XII

Keyblade description:

Keyblade description:


Bio:Riku was born on the destiny islands and grew up on that island with his friend sora and some other kids,they lived there for many years then one day riku suggested that they make a raft to go see the world,they did and that night there was a big storm that endangered the raft but when his friend sora went to go check on it he was surrounded by these shadow like creatures known as heartless and after he faught through them all sora met riku outside and yelled "what are you doing"riku simply replied "the door is open"riku had given into the darkness in his heart and for a straight year he and sora clashed they had different beliefs on how to save kairi riku believed if he joined the heartless that it would save her while sora was determined to destroy the heartless in the ned riku lost his heart to the darkness and almost ended up destroying all the worlds once sora had defeated him he returned to his normal state but had gone his separate ways with sora once again

But the two were not far off from each other they both ended up in castle oblivion once you step inside your memories become cards for you to collect riku's memories wernt affected due to king mickey's light around him but inside ansem had appeared in front of him and the two clashed all over the castle but when riku and sora finally met up in the castle they figured riku was still set on fighting sora to protect this new girl kairi's nobody sora fought marluxia of the organization and riku fought himself for the final time in the process sora closed the door to darkness with riku and the king inside and sora fallowed kairi's nobody to a white room where he would sleep for a year while she returned his memory

In that year riku had joined the organization and was told to watch roxas and the two fought in skyscraper alley sora spent the next year looking for the king and riku along the way he defeated the remaining organization members and in the final battle riku the king and sora when the king got separated from them sora and riku tag teamed for the kill and final restored peace or did they.........

Looks:He has slightly tan skin,and has white hair that covers most of his face He has a bit of a baby face he has blueish green eyes he normally parts his hair over to the left leaving his right eye exposed he wears a yellow and tan vest with the collar popped up it stops above his belly button and He wears a black muscle shirt under it,he wears baggy blue pants with a black studded belt and black shoes on his left arm he wears a sweat band and on his left hand he wears two rings and

Organization looks: he wears the black robe like the rest of them but a black ribbon around his eyes

Likes:Being with his friends,relaxing,sleeping,beating sora in foot races,eating,and the quiet

Dislikes:time away from friends,loosing to sora,the darkness,ansem,loud sounds

Fears:the darkness taking him over again,loosing sora,kairi and the king,being weak

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PostSubject: Re: Riku's App   Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:27 pm

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Riku's App
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