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Welcome to a world shrouded in darkness only the power of a pure heart can save the realms from total destruction
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 Rules (please fallow)

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PostSubject: Rules (please fallow)   Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:51 am

1.respect the admins and moderators
2.swearing is allowed just don't over do it may have rp sex but do it in pm's if at all possible
4.fallow all the rules
5.absolutely no god modding
6.when all organization or keyblade master spots are filled they are filled until further notice
7.don't bug the admins or moderators about approving things they will get to it be patient
8.weapons and attacks must be approved before they can be used in battle
9.please if a topic doesn't have open of private assume its private and ask first
10.there is to be no rp'ing in the cb and by that i mean no sex in the cb i know you your probably thinking like that would ever happen well people iv seen some strange things and believe me it happens
11.have fun n.n
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Rules (please fallow)
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